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Your personal video annotator

Ever wanted to add sticky notes to videos? Now you can.

Frame-by-frame video notetaking

Are you tired of rewinding and fast-forwarding through 30-minute long tutorial videos, trying to remember where a specific instruction was mentioned?

Do you find yourself taking screenshots of videos and pasting them into Word documents so you can take notes?

If so, read on to see how SquatNotes will make your life easier.

Powerful and Intuitive Note-Taking

With SquatNotes, you get:
  • An intuitive interface that lets you annotate the exact frame you want
  • Automatic screen captures of the frame you annotated
  • The ability to use Markdown to format your notes
  • The ability to organize your notes into sections

Mobile-friendly, cloud-ready notes

With the pro version, you can export:
  • HTML notes that work out of the box with Google Drive
  • PDFs that will work on virtually any device
Furthermore, you can configure individual notebooks to automatically export to your cloud-enabled folders for easy, hassle-free syncing.

A Cornucopia of Knowledge

  • Works with common video formats, such as MP4 and WEBM
  • Works locally so you're not constantly waiting for large videos to buffer
  • Integrated video downloader to save videos from YouTube and Rumble

Live Screen Capture

The pro version also comes with a screen capture feature that allows you to capture video from any open tab or app.
  • Capture video and audio from any open tab or app (microphone input not yet supported)
  • Saves videos in WEBM format
  • Supported by the latest versions of popular browsers (Chrome, Brave, Edge, etc.)

Information, at your fingertips

SquatNotes gives you the ability to organize your notes with notebooks, sections, and tags.

"Your Notes" are Your Notes

Your notes are stored locally, so you don't have to worry about a nosy employee reading what you put in your personal journal. Furthermore, SquatNotes stores your notes in JSON--an open-source, human-readable data format.